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How To Make Happy Hour Work For Any Restaurant

March 1, 2018
In every restaurant, there is always that slow hour or two between rushes. The wait staff is rolling silverware, the cooks are prepping for the next onslaught of orders coming in. While this reset ...
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How to Build Your Restaurant Email List

February 1, 2018
The term “marketing” tends to flash dollar signs in front of the eyes of the beholder. Marketing efforts typically cost a pretty penny to be effective, and sometimes they are a total wash. When you ...
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First-Time Franchisee Brewing Success with Sunny Street Café in Texas

January 2, 2018
Our phenomenal franchisee, Earl Bowling, was recently featured on Franchising.com! The first time he experienced the warm and welcoming atmosphere of a Sunny Street Café restaurant, he knew it was ...
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Emerging Restaurant Food Trends for 2018

December 4, 2017
2017 was quite a year for food. UberEats and other delivery services have taken the restaurant world by storm. If a dish could be served in a bowl, it was done. Pork belly and mocktails took over ...
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What Your Restaurant's Social Media Metrics Are Telling You

November 2, 2017
You’re doing everything right. You’re on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You read our quick guide Social Media 101 For Restaurants. You’ve been posting and engaging regularly, or you’re in the ...
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Social Media 101 for Restaurants

October 19, 2017
There’s no denying it: social media has become a necessary and constant factor in our day to day lives, and that includes running a business. It is a tool to keep you as a restaurant owner or manager ...
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Why making your restaurant website mobile-friendly is critical (and how to do it)

October 3, 2017
When you own or manage a restaurant you have not one, but two, pieces of valuable real estate. The first is clearly your store front, but the second is your website. Too often restaurants put 98% of ...
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How to Reduce Your Food Waste for Higher Efficiency

September 19, 2017
Nothing feels worse when you have to throw food away because it has spoiled. You lament the money you spent on it and the meals you could have created with it. For a restaurant food waste can deeply ...
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5 Strategies for Increasing Sales in Off-Peak Hours

August 31, 2017
There’s nothing worse as a restaurant manager or owner than looking out at the floor and seeing an almost empty restaurant. Those empty tables means an even tighter profit margin for the week or ...
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5 Tips On Becoming #1 On Yelp (or any review site)

August 3, 2017
67% of restaurant goers look at reviews before choosing where they will dine out. There’s no doubting that reviews are important for the success of your restaurant, and having a strategy to ensure ...
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